DSC_0194Junior Secondary School

The school currently is positioned to prepare students for four external examinations. The students at the Junior school are expected to write State Junior Certificate Examination (JSCE) and National Examinations Council (JSCE) comprising fourteen subjects .At the end of three years. Each student is expected  to write 13 subjects (each choosing either Agric Science or Home Economics).

In the junior classes (JS 1- JS 3) Civic Education has been introduced and students can now select one out of the following subjects. (Agricultural science, Business Studies and Home Economics). Each is to register for not more than 13 subjects at Junior school for Junior secondary certificate examination.

The following subjects are offered in Junior Secondary School:

English Language Mathematics Yoruba Language Computer Studies Business Studies
Basic Technology Basic Science Christian Religious Studies Social Studies Creative and Cultural Art
French Language Home Economics Agricultural Science Physical and Health Education Civic Education


DSC_0204Senior Secondary School

Conversely, the students at the Senior school are expected to write West African Senior School Certificate Examination and National Examination Council comprising of twenty subjects at the end of three years of senior secondary education. Each student must register a minimum 8 subjects and maximum of 9 subjects including English, Mathematics, Yoruba and Biology as compulsory subjects for every student.

Presently the school has introduced SAT and TOEFL examination for senior secondary school students and for those who are interested in studying abroad. The school has also introduced Unified Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board Examination (JAMB) and post JAMB classes for our SS3 students who are preparing for university admission.

The senior school is divided into four different classes which are Science, Technical, Art and Commercial classes
The following subjects are offered in senior secondary school:

English Language Mathematics Yoruba Language Literature-in-English Biology
Physics Chemistry Government Christian Religious Studies Creative and Cultural Art
French Language Food and Nutrition Economics Commerce Further mathematics
Technical Drawing Geography Agricultural Science Physical and Health Education Civic Education


DSC_0215The school plans to introduce the following subjects soon.

Igbo Language, Hausa Language, Mechanics, Wood Work, Electronics
The school is also working out modalities on how other examinations such as GMAT and SAT could be integrated into the school’s academic program. All our students take courses from Life skills and Ethics curriculums. This serves as our general course.
Life skills and Ethics is a subject that is compulsory for every student in our school; it is targeted at enriching the spiritual, moral and entrepreneurial skills of our students irrespective of denomination, religion and gender..



Science Classes
Science students are to offer the following subjects including the compulsory subjects;

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Electronic/Catering & Craft
  • Further Mathematics/PHE
  • Geography, Agricultural Science

Technical Classes
Technical students are to offer the following subjects;

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Metal work
  • Geography, Animal husbandry
  • Technical Drawing
  • Further Mathematics, Agricultural Science
  • Economics
  • PHE/Home Management

Art Classes
The following subjects are mandatory for Art Students to offer;

  • Government
  • Christian Religion Studies
  • Literature-in-English
  • French
  • Visual Art
  • Economics

Commercial students are to offer the following subjects;

  • Financial Accounting
  • Commerce
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Economics


The school has embraced and complied with the Federal Government ministry of education directives to implement the new curriculum of education in Nigeria which is aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship education in Nigeria. This has brought a lot of changes to our education system and also strengthens the Adventist education policy of educating the head, soul and body.