Ideal School Complex

DSC_0181The Wales school complex is build on a large and extensive space of land that is enough to transform the lives of our students. The main structure is a two-storey building. The colors: purple and cream are the school’s official brand colors, which also is reflected on the school uniform for the students.

The school complex consists of the ground floor which caters for the nursery and primary sections of the school. The higher blocks houses the secondary school as well as administration offices. The school surrounding is very spacious and kept neat at all times by our environmental officers.

The classrooms are well-spaced to accommodate maximum of 20 students per class.  Each student is entitled to their own chair and desk.


In view of building brighter careers for young minds, we have an ideal science laboratory for our students. The students are being introduced in to the science laboratory at a their JSS level. When they become senior students, the science laboratory becomes a spot for students with a science-oriented ambitions.

Our science laboratory is equipped for subjects i.e. chemistry, biology and physics. Pictorial illustrations and charts are available there as an ample guide. Laboratory accessories are also available for practical purposes.

We also have a special laboratory for physics and introductory technology.

DSC_0210Information Technology Center

With the evolving IT and communications world, Wales Schools created a space for its students to reinforce their IT skills and as well aid their studies in the important Computer Science subject.

Out IT center is fully equipped with the latest range of computers. It is also network compatible. We have a suitable and consistent WiFi for internet use. It is also equipped with projectors, printers, and other equipment necessary for our students.

Table Tenis CenterSports

To build student life extra-curricularly, we have available equipment and accessories for different sports.

These sports include: basketball, table tennis, football, lawn tennis. Other sporting facilities will be made for student use gradually.

We also have our inter-house sports festival where we celebrate great athleticism and sportsmanship in our students.


We have a large and well-spaced library to encourage quiet reading an research for both students and tutors. Our library is adequately stocked with both academic and non-academic literature. All textbooks within the study curriculum for all schools are  also available in the library.

Our library is kept quiet at all times to keep students reading without distractions.


IMG_20140611_150943Sick Bay

We have a well-equipped sick bay to ensure our students are in good health at all times. The school ‘Sick Bay’ is staffed by experienced, qualified medical officers and is provided during the school hours so that immediate attention to illness or injury is available to students at all times.

Thee role of the sick bay is to mainly administer first aid treatment to students, listen to the students on any health challenge they might have and also educate student on healthy habits.



We have a well-spaced canteen, which serves as a suitable and healthy environment for children to eat conveniently during their break hours.

Our canteen is kept neat at all times to maintain student hygiene. The meals available are well-prepared by seasoned cooks.


20140319_150121School Buses

To ease the school’s transportation needs we have several buses to the task.

Our school buses are brightly branded with our colors and meet the transportation needs of our students when going for excursions, competitions, and other academic-related activities.